In the case of limited hard disk space, the size of game file has become one of the biggest problems faced by players today. Since the release of “call of duty 16” more than a year ago, its size has been constantly expanding. With the arrival of the new season, the addition of new maps, new modes, weapons and big escape mode has led to the game updating more than 60g at any time. < / P > < p > previously, we reported that the new update of call of duty 16 has allowed PC players to unload the modes they don’t often play. Recently, some players tested the updated game and released the file sizes of each mode of the game. < p > < p > < p > theater is a free “big escape” type multiplayer game launched in call of duty 16: modern war. As a part of modern war, players can choose to keep theater only. It only needs 103G, saving twice the hard disk space. For the “call of duty 16” players who only play “theater” and do not have enough hard disk space, it can be said that the urgent need is solved. Skip to content