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The reason why the players are so excited is that one of the characters in “8” is still a villain. Her name is lady dimitrescu, and the players call him lady vampire.

Why are the players so interested in this female character who doesn’t appear in the trailer and demo for more than 30 seconds?

First of all, of course, it’s because she’s white and big.

White is easy to understand. After all, it’s a vampire setting. Pale skin is also a racial talent.

The big finger here is that she is very big, which means nothing else. If you look at this photo of her and her three daughters, you can see that her height is absolutely different from that of ordinary people.

If the last picture may be a problem of angle, you can also see the contrast of another picture. Even the vampire lady standing in the farthest distance of the camera is much higher than her daughters..

After the release of the trailer, countless netizens were curious about the height of the Vampire Lady and wanted to know how tall she was.

Kotaku, a well-known game media, also conducted a special investigation according to the action of the Vampire Lady in the game and the background at that time.

The castle was built in the 15th century. After checking the literature, according to the standard height of the French gate at that time of 2.18 meters, plus her head and neck height, it is estimated that her height is about 2.43 meters, higher than Yao Ming!

Due to the high degree of discussion among the players, biochemical 8 official twitter also released some more information about Madame vampire and her three daughters later. For example, the key point of her design is “glamorous and beautiful”, and then she will pursue the protagonist Ethan.

The most important thing is that the official height of the Vampire Lady is 2.9 meters (including high heels and hat), which is almost the height of Guo Jingming!

With official endorsements, various meme pictures about the Vampire Lady have also begun to spread on the Internet, such as her height comparison with famous characters in various games.

Originally, sister Bei in “angel hunting” was already a very tall female role in the game. The appearance of the Vampire Lady directly set a new record. Even mieba wanted to be short of her.

There is also a picture similar to the reverse “the most cute height difference”. I have to say that you can never figure out what is in the minds of otaku men.

In addition to being white and big, lady vampire is also popular because she is beautiful in appearance and has a concave and convex figure, which has aroused many people’s reverie.

Don’t rush to spray death house. It’s disgusting. Think about the zombie themed game of biochemical crisis. What kind of ghosts do players encounter along the way?

It’s all these mindless zombies who just want to tear players apart.

Or it’s a big, strong tyrant who plays all the way to the end.

Unfortunately, ADA Wong and Jill are the only characters in so many biochemical crisis games that can make players move. If you insist that you can even fight tyrants, I can only respect you as a warrior, and suggest that you re install your XP system.

So in a world full of rotten corpses that want to tear up players, it’s really nice to see a dog.

No wonder the Vampire Lady appeared, the players can’t help their restless soul, look, what is looking back and smiling?

She’s good-looking, plus the sharp conflict and contrast caused by the blade claws like Freddy’s in ghost street. What’s more, she has three beautiful daughters. Can you bear it? I can’t.

We need to judge the popularity of a game character. In fact, there is a very intuitive way to see whether there are many Cosplays about the character on the Internet.

From what I have observed, Madame vampire is definitely the most popular Coser character in the world, and most of the cos are very good-looking, very original. (although it’s no more difficult than “cos” of “2B”).

Biochemical crisis, as a game series that has been done for more than ten years, although the first few films are very amazing, but when biochemical crisis 5 and 6 were launched, it encountered the collapse of word-of-mouth, which made fans worry about whether the next works will become worse.

Fortunately, kapukong, the king of fried rice, did not give up this IP. The reset versions of biochemical crisis 2 and 3 launched in the past two years have a good reputation and response.

From this “warm field” of biochemical 8, kapukong really grasped his “wealth code” and detonated the whole scene.

Photo source: Weibo @ Ellie’s cold joke time

What’s more, the quality of the game itself seems to be quite hard, and the creation of the game atmosphere has gradually returned to what a horror game should look like.