The content is still circulating in Facebook’s private groups a few days after social media giant Facebook announced it would remove conspiracy theories about the causes of Oregon wildfires. Researchers are urging earlier and stronger action, especially as the US election draws closer and the new coronavirus continues to rage in the United States. < / P > < p > rumors on Facebook and twitter blame Oregon’s wildfires on “left-wing Radicalism” and “black lives matter.”. The content began to circulate on September 8 and spread for several days, diverting law enforcement personnel and resources, even as firefighters tried to put out the fire. Portland news channel kgw8 reported that 911 dispatchers had received a large number of calls about “left-wing activists” causing fires. On September 11, the FBI tried to clarify that these were rumors. Facebook announced that it would delete posts on September 12, but on September 10 it began to put up warning labels and cut back on posts. < / P > < p > researchers from the German Marshall Fund have been tracking 33 reopening & quot; groups on Facebook, some of which have as many as 171000 members, initially to protest home orders against the new coronavirus crisis. Karen kornblueh of the German Marshall Fund told Axios that these groups have become the carriers of conspiracy theory;. Before Facebook announced that it would delete the content, 11 of 33 groups had posts about rumors of fire caused by anti fascist groups, kornbluh said. According to the German Marshall Fund Research and the screenshots seen by Axios, these contents still exist and are still spreading. < / P > < p > researchers estimate that since Facebook announced on September 12, the speed at which these content are viewed and interacted has not slowed down. < p > < p > kornblueh says Facebook needs a & quot; circuit breaker & quot; to deal with such viral moments. “There needs to be an approach that focuses on the wide range of injury risks, rather than the injuries that are about to happen,” she said < / P > < p > “we use technology to delete content, even in private groups, by training our system to identify and delete posts that violate keywords, images and videos. It’s not going to find everything, but our team is trying to improve the technology, “Facebook spokesman Liz bourgeois said on twitter. At the same time, a twitter spokesman said the service was “taking action to reduce the visibility of tweets containing false fire related information.”. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure