Amazon’s Alexa eyeglasses echo frames is graduating from the retailer’s technology preview and will be available in the general market, along with a series of new updates for those eager to wear the assistant on their faces. Amazon said the echo loop, a similar product of Amazon day 1, which is actually a ring that interacts with Alexa, has been discontinued. < / P > < p > echo frames envisions a more direct, voice first intelligent glasses. The connected glasses rely on microphones and speakers, and the built-in Alexa can hear the wearer’s requests and questions, and then respond with voice. In short, this is a personal smart speaker for the wearer’s face. < p > < p > it is reported that Amazon’s Day 1 version is actually a test bed for new ideas and concepts. Previous sales were only invited – Amazon hasn’t disclosed the exact number of sales – looking to get feedback to determine if expanding sales is a good idea. < / P > < p > now, echo frames is graduating from this project and has been upgraded in the process. It is reported that it will sell for $249.99 and only $70 for those who have bought the day 1 version. Consumers will have three color choices: Modern tortoise, horizon blue and classic black. They are made of spectacle grade tr-90, carbon fiber and titanium, and are splash proof. < / P > < p > as before, they can be wirelessly connected to the wearer’s smartphone. However, the battery life of the new product is longer: Amazon says the echo has 40% longer battery life than its original model when playing continuously. At the same time, they turn off automatically three seconds after reversing them. < / P > < p > in addition, its sound quality has improved, and Amazon is committed to providing richer and fuller sound in its music and Alexa’s response. The volume can also be adjusted automatically according to the noise level of the surrounding environment. In addition to the official voice assistant, wearers can also use them to interact with Siri and Google assistant, which now supports calendar and group messaging. VIP filters are only allowed through pre approved contact. < / P > < p > to protect privacy, the microphone is designed only for the wearer. Double click the action button to turn off the microphone completely, and at the same time you can see a red light, which means that Alexa is not listening. < / P > < p > although Amazon has introduced uncorrected clear lenses with echo frames, they are still compatible with “most” prescription lenses. Amazon said orders for the new echo frames were accepted today and will begin shipping on December 10. < / P > < p > unfortunately, the outlook is not optimistic for another Amazon test product. When Amazon announced the launch of echo frames, it also announced the discontinuation of echo loop. < / P > < p > echo loop has always been a strange concept product. It embeds a microphone and wireless connection into a titanium ring on the wearer’s finger: by pressing the button, the ring vibrates when Alexa is listening to the wearer’s voice, then whispers a request or question into the ring, waits for a second vibration, and puts the ring on the ear to hear the answer. < / P > < p > Amazon said: “the production and sales of echo loop are over, but existing users can still use their smart ring and still expect its updates and support. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”