Amazon said on Tuesday that from Black Friday to online Monday, global sales of third-party sellers on its platform exceeded $4.8 billion, up 60% from the same period last year. Amazon said that since Black Friday, more than 71000 small and medium-sized business sellers have sold more than $100000 on its platform so far. Amazon said the holiday shopping season this year was the most prosperous compared with previous years as the new coronavirus epidemic forced more people to shop online. < p > < p > in a blog post, Amazon said consumers bought the gifts and seasonal items they needed in advance this year. Consumers like to buy items such as the echo dot, former President Barack Obama’s new book a promised land, and Revlon’s blow and comb integrated hair dryer. Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon’s global consumer business, said that due to the new crown outbreak, “in this holiday different from previous years, consumers still want to buy some good things for their relatives or buy some extra things for themselves. We are very happy to be able to help them purchase the goods they want during the whole holiday season. ” < p > < p > as Amazon not only provides platform services, but also competes with third-party sellers on the platform, which has caused many criticisms, saying that it has formed an unfair competition relationship for third-party sellers. < / P > < p > like many other retailers, Amazon started offering holiday promotions early this year. Amazon doesn’t release actual sales data on Black Friday or online Monday, which are usually the busiest days of the company’s holiday shopping season. < / P > < p > every year to Black Friday and online Monday holiday shopping season, consumers are enthusiastic about shopping. Spending on online shopping on Black Friday this year is 22% higher than last year, to a record $9 billion, according to Adobe analytics. On Monday, sales are expected to break records. The popularity of online shopping is undoubtedly bad news for many physical stores. This year, in particular, many consumers are wary of going to crowded physical stores and shopping centers due to the new crown epidemic. According to sensory solutions, traffic to physical stores on Black Friday is down 52% from last year. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States