Yesterday, Amazon announced its own cloud game service Luna, but did not publicly subscribe to what kind of hardware the service will remotely access. We have the answer now. According to the verge, Luna uses an EC2 G4 server based on windows, driven by Intel cascade Lake CPU and NVIDIA T4 GPU. < p > < p > NVIDIA T4 is a GPU for servers, but its core is Turing architecture, which can provide 8.1tf, and its performance is comparable to that of RTX 2070 game graphics card. Of course, NVIDIA T4 also supports optical tracing. So Luna server hardware is still very good, although not top-notch, but for some high-quality games, 4K is very difficult. < / P > < p > since Luna server is based on Windows system and NVIDIA graphics card, it is a good thing for game developers, which will make it very easy to transplant the game to the platform. In contrast, Google’s stadia uses a Linux based system and AMD processor. Global Tech