A few days ago, Amazon announced its cloud game service Luna, which will naturally become a competitive product of Google stadia, Microsoft Project xcloud and Sony Playstation now. However, after Amazon announced the background hardware configuration, it was questioned by netizens. According to Amazon, Luna is hosted by a combination of Intel cascade processor and NVIDIA Tesla T4. The processor is not easy to choose, < / P > < p > but the fatal weakness of T4 is that the video memory speed is only 10Gbps, and the total bandwidth is only 320GB / s, which is significantly lower than the 448gb / s of RTX 2070 and even worse than RTX 2060. The frequency is even more ridiculous. The basic frequency is set at 585mhz. Although the acceleration can reach 1590mhz, the 70 watt thermal design power consumption will be a huge hindrance. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple