According to foreign media motherboard, an employee of Amazon Web services sent a group email to Amazon employee list server to inform Amazon employees that their communication is being monitored and sent to the company’s global security operations department for data processing, so as to understand that the mass email was at least sent to Employee list server “and“ [email protected] ”And mentions the list servers that some other employees think are being monitored. < / P > < p > the Amazon employee wrote in a mass email to at least two employee lists: “if you are the moderator or or user of this list, please note that it is being explicitly monitored by an internal monitoring team. This is part of a broader project to generate and plan internal staff and external entity data. While we may have the impression that everything we write on Amazon is kept in at least one place for review, it is important that the people on this list know that they are being explicitly monitored and working on data farming projects from GSO. < / P > < p > most of the monitored list servers listed by the Amazon employees are designed for the employees of these groups; we wont build it refers to the employee list servers that oppose the cooperation between Amazon and government entities such as ice. The AWS employee pointed out that not all Amazon list servers are monitored in this way. They specifically pointed out that Christian @ was not monitored, while musiims @ was monitored. A spokesperson for Amazon said Amazon monitors groups based on their size and activity, not on their content. The spokesman said the company uses several methods to collect feedback on a large scale, including anonymous feedback sometimes shared from these public email forums;. It’s no surprise that companies have access to corporate email, but not all companies actively monitor employees’ e-mail as Amazon claims. < / P > < p > the spokesman said: “we are constantly trying to improve the experience of Amazon employees, we have hundreds of thousands of employees around the world, and we use a variety of methods to collect feedback on a large scale. The anonymous feedback sometimes shared by these open email forums has helped us improve employee benefits, further strengthen our covid-19 program, and improve the overall experience of Amazon employees. ” Global Tech