Amazon was fined 55000 pounds (US $72364) for failing to submit materials on time, which delayed CMA’s investigation into Amazon’s investment in deliveroo. Amazon announced in May last year that it would invest in deliveroo, a British takeaway company. But two months later, CMA temporarily suspended the deal to investigate its potential impact on market competition. Last October, CMA officially launched an antitrust investigation. In August, CMA approved the deal. < / P > < p > nevertheless, CMA today imposed a fine on Amazon because Amazon failed to submit materials on time, resulting in delays in the investigation. According to CMA, Amazon delayed the submission of 189 documents within the initial deadline. Although Amazon did eventually provide the documents, CMA believes that Amazon’s actions caused unnecessary delays in the investigation. < / P > < p > deliveroo focuses on providing high-end delivery services. Unlike ordinary takeaway platforms, deliveroo focuses on food delivery in high-end restaurants and promises to deliver meals to your door within 32 minutes. Today, deliveroo operates in dozens of cities in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. < p > < p > CMA said its survey focused on how Amazon’s 16% investment would affect its motivation to compete independently with deliveroo in takeaway and online grocery delivery in the next few years. But the final survey results show that this level of investment will not significantly reduce competition in any market. CMA also said that if Amazon wants more control of deliveroo in the future, it may trigger further investigation. Global Tech