Amazon launched a number of new products at Thursday’s big hardware event, including an updated fire TV product, an upgraded voice assistant echo show, a flying security camera ring, and cloud gaming platform Luna. Today, Amazon shares rose slightly. Amazon announced two new fire TV products at a major hardware event on Thursday. Amazon’s fire TV gadget will compete directly with roku and Apple TV, giving people access to popular apps such as Disney +, Netflix, Hulu. Amazon says people spend more time in front of television than ever before because of the spread of the coronavirus. Amazon sees TV as the center of the home and wants to provide users with more features in front of the TV. According to an August analysis by Deutsche Bank, the new features could help Amazon’s TV products compete more fiercely with roku. Roku still has a 50% market share of global Internet TV streaming time. < / P > < p > Amazon wants everyone to buy the fire TV stick at a new price of $29.99. That means Amazon will be able to compete for more subscription and movie download revenue. < / P > < p > Amazon has also launched a new echo show voice assistant product. While redesigning the voice assistant hardware, the company also updated its technology to improve processing speed and reduce Alexa errors. Echo show seems to be the main product promoted by Amazon. It hopes to have an echo show in every home as the hub of smart home. < / P > < p > the new echo show 10 monitor is not fixed in one position as the previous models, but is mounted on an electric base, which rotates automatically when the user interacts with the device. By combining computer vision technology with echo location technology, echo show 10 can determine the user’s position in the room, and can rotate itself to face the user, so that the screen can always be seen clearly. < / P > < p > it is not clear when Luna will be widely released, but will initially be available on PCs, macs, fire TV and iphoneipad, and plans to offer Android versions later. < / P > < p > the “entry price” for the early access phase of the service is $5.99 per month. Subscribers can play Luna plus Channel Games on both devices at the same time. The service will be supported by Amazon’s AWS platform. < p > < p > Amazon said it would offer more than 100 games through Luna plus channel, including biohazard 7, control and armored dragoon cavalry. In addition, Amazon said it would add more games “over time.”. < / P > < p > the “ring always home cam” is an automatic indoor security camera that can fly around your house and record multiple views. Users can set the path that the device flies through the entire home. When the device is not in the air, it will automatically return to the base and block the camera to solve the privacy problem. < / P > < p > Amazon’s new car camera car cam, car alarm and car connect will be integrated into the same ring application. The new product will be available next year. Jamie Siminoff, founder of ring, said he wanted to enter the car market because customers had been looking for ways to protect their cars in a way similar to ring’s products. < / P > < p > the $59.99 car alarm is the simplest device that can be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic port and send an alarm to your mobile phone when an intrusion is detected, someone tries to drag a car or another car into your car. The car alarm has a built-in alarm that can be triggered remotely and can be linked to other ring or Alexa devices to alert when an event is detected. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure