Despite Amazon’s official stance on price discrimination, a new report reveals that the e-commerce giant’s words and deeds were inconsistent during the epidemic. Public Citizen pointed out that the company not only carried out price fraud on its own products, but also encouraged third-party sellers to make false price behavior and misled the public and law enforcement departments. < / P > < p > Amazon announced that it was working with authorities to curb rising prices and strengthen management of third-party sellers. But even after a large-scale recruitment, the manpower still can not meet the demand. At the same time, Amazon has announced that it will continue to crack down on price fraud on its platform, and even called for relevant laws and regulations at the federal level. Even so, public citizen has come up with all sorts of evidence to disprove, revealing that the company is not in line with its words. During the global health crisis triggered by the new coronavirus, Amazon’s revenue soared, but the prices of some goods also rose excessively, thanks to the fact that many people turned to online shopping at home. < / P > < p > according to the detailed report of prime gouging, from February to August, 15 categories of basic products sold by Amazon’s self-employed and third-party sellers all increased by 76% – 1000% (for example, the one-off masks with a 100 fold increase in price). Before the outbreak, a 50 pack disposable mask cost about $4 a day, according to the report. But in the past few months, Amazon has sold similar products for as much as $40. < / P > < p > another notable feature is corn starch, which usually costs an average of $0.89 for a 6.5-oz. clabber girl corn starch, but it sold as much as $9 in Amazon during the epidemic. As of the time when the foreign media techspot was published, the price, excluding freight, was still between us $5.69 and US $11. In addition, Amazon contributed a lot to the third party’s revenue. < / P > < p > take flour, rice, paper towel and other third-party goods as an example, their prices on Amazon platform have also increased by 941%, 641% and 450% respectively compared with the daily prices. < p > < p > based on this, public citizen’s shelling of Amazon’s price fraud has violated multi state laws (forbidding price increases by more than 10%), and calls for the development of federal regulations to prevent e-commerce platforms from evading the jurisdiction of state-level laws,. < / P > < p > ● develop clear definitions of price gouging, such as an increase of more than 10% in an emergency situation; < / P > < p > ● develop regulations applicable to current and future health crisis / any disaster Emergencies Based on the covid-19 epidemic. Global Tech