According to foreign media reports, in less than a year, Amazon has employed more employees than any other company in history, breaking Wal Mart’s 20-year annual record. Amazon seems to be booming at a time when some companies are struggling to prop up during the blockade, while others are struggling with covid-19 related shortages. The online retailer has been hiring crazily for the past 10 months, increasing salaries by more than 427300 employees, adding an average of 1400 employees a day, most of whom have increased since June. < / P > < p > since July, the company has added 350000 employees at a rate of about 2800 a day, bringing Amazon’s total number of regular employees to 1.2 million, a 50% increase over last year. That figure doesn’t include the addition of temporary and seasonal employees (more than 100000) and delivery drivers (500000) for the holiday peak, which Amazon counts as an independent contractor. < p > < p > the popularity of the new crown has at least contributed to the recruitment wave. The epidemic has led to job losses across the United States, and government demands have prompted many consumers to shop online. Amazon said a significant part of the hiring was “planned growth.”. Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder and chief executive, believes that promoting employment has been a boon for many displaced workers since the outbreak began. < / P > < p > “it makes more sense to provide jobs with industry-leading pay and good health care, including entry-level and front-line staff.” Said Bezos. < / P > < p > < p > the New York Times points out that this rapid growth far exceeds anything seen before. The last time a company experienced a surge in hiring was even close to 20 years ago, when Wal Mart recruited 230000 new employees in a year. At its current growth rate, Amazon may surpass Wal Mart’s 2.2 million employees in just two years to become the world’s largest employer. Global Tech