Last month, a significant number of users reported that their ps5 was not delivered to them on time, and their packages were marked “delivered” by couriers. At the same time, some consumers said they had received the wrong products to replace their ps5, such as air frying pan, cat food and even empty boxes. The issue of < / P > < p > has been widely known and has attracted the attention of mainstream media including the BBC. At the time, Amazon said it was investigating the cause of the lost order in order to “correct the error.”. Subsequently, the company provided refund service to the affected customers, but did not exchange the goods because the ps5 was out of stock. < / P > < p > not long ago, Amazon also said that it was willing to provide exchange service for customers who had been affected and provide them with ps5. Now, some customers have received replacement ps5, including Anthony Dickens, managing director of Nintendo life and push square, and bex April May, a freelance writer. < / P > < p > the shortage of ps5 in the UK is caused by scalpers’ use of software to grab goods. Argos and smyths, local retailers in the UK, do not expect to get more ps5 inventory before 2021. Global Tech