Amazon customers looking for a greener online shopping experience now have an easier way to identify more ecologically sustainable products. On Wednesday, Amazon announced the launch of a new climate commitment friendly & quot; badge, indicating that a product has been certified as a sustainable product by a wide range of partners. The world’s largest online retailer has also created a dedicated Storefront for the program, allowing shoppers to browse or search for specific products with green labels by category. < / P > < p > Amazon says it can be found in about 25000 lists. A number of external organizations have worked with Amazon to certify these products as sustainable products, including energy star, fair trade and the Rainforest Alliance. < / P > < p > Amazon has also created its own project called & quot; compact by design & quot; to highlight products that are designed to be more sustainable, even if they don’t seem particularly environmentally friendly. < / P > < p > the new badge will be fully launched on October 13, prime day membership day, an annual shopping event usually held in July, which was postponed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Global Tech