Amazon will launch air transportation in Europe, the first time the company has expanded the service outside the U.S. in an effort to bring more of its freight business back into the company’s internal operations. According to an official statement, Amazon air will operate a 20000 square meter regional air transport center at Leipzig / Harley airport in Germany, equipped with two Boeing 737-800 airliners operated by ASL airlines. The air transport center will employ 200 employees. < p > < p > Amazon said operating its own freighter would allow the world’s largest e-commerce company to offer “more flexible delivery options.”. The company launched its air service in 2016, reducing its reliance on ups and FedEx. < p > < p > Seattle based Amazon has been expanding its air logistics division to take advantage of the aircraft market that was suppressed during the outbreak. In June, the company announced that it would lease an additional 12 modified Boeing 767-300 aircraft from air transport services group, expanding its existing fleet to 70. Global Tech