Amazon game studio delayed its online game “new world” for the third time. It was originally planned to go on sale in May last year, then postponed to August 2020, and then to early 2021. Now Amazon has announced that the work will be released on August 31, 2021, and the development team will use this extra time to add some “very attractive features.”.


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Alpha test of “new world” will be launched in European service on March 30, and beta closed test will be launched on July 20 for pre order players.

“We’re trying to develop attractive late features that we believe should be available at the launch,” game director Scott Lane said in a developer update video released on Tuesday. With more development time, we can add these substantial improvements and polish and adjust the whole game at the same time. “

Beta beta will allow players to experience new features and content, including a terminal area ebonscale reach “full of lush wetlands and towering cliffs” and an adventure mode “expedition” for five players. In addition, there is a 20v20 sentinel charging mode, competing for strategic resources and fortresses, set in a primitive River Basin, full of forgotten ancient technologies.