The company is located in A dedicated Swedish portal has been launched to provide Swedish shoppers, third-party businesses and itself with a local website, a local logistics system and local marketing promotion for online purchase and sale of goods and services. As Europe’s tenth largest economy in terms of GDP, Sweden is a key market for Amazon and its development strategy. But the news comes at a time when big technology companies, especially Amazon, continue to be censored in Europe for competition and tax issues, or more specifically, inadequate tax payments. On the former, the European Commission earlier this year launched an investigation into the company’s antitrust practices. On the latter point, Amazon is currently contesting a 250 million euro tax bill from the European Union, which dates back to a time when the company was smaller a few years ago, but may have a broader impact on Amazon’s way of paying taxes today. < p > < p > Amazon said its local stores will launch more than 150 million products in 30 categories. Examples of popular Swedish brands include Electrolux, LAGERHAUS, obh Nordica, Ellos, Brio, bonnierf ü rlagen and if ü, which will provide free delivery services to Amazon customers for qualified orders exceeding SEK 229 (US $26). The merchants are from Sweden, but like other Amazon markets, they are also from outside Sweden. It is estimated that the actual number of Swedish retailers on. Se is only about 100. This also leads to some problems in the translation of product descriptions. It became Amazon’s 17th local portal, alongside Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. < / P > < p > it has a system in Europe for a long time, in which shoppers from individual countries that do not provide direct business are redirected to their nearest country. For example, Amazon’s localized websites in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Poland are all default to Amazon’s German website( )But you’ll see text and some professional content in their own languages. But the latest move is to double the country’s potential, both as a place to tap businesses and shoppers, and potentially more intense competition with local businesses such as IKEA and H & M. Given that Sweden is Europe’s 10th largest economy in terms of GDP, it may be surprising that it took so long. However, Amazon has been known for its slow global promotion of certain products. < / P > < p > all this does not mean that Amazon has not operated other direct businesses in China. It’s set up extensively in Sweden for its AWS cloud business, and just earlier this month it opened Europe’s first wind farm to produce clean energy, built in Sweden to power its Swedish AWS data center. For local businesses, it will provide them with another, more direct online market to sell goods to local customers who already know their brand, but until now most of their business has been acquired in other countries through Amazon. Global Tech