Amazon today launched a new service called Amazon explore, which allows customers to book real-time virtual experiences led by local experts. These experiences may focus on creativity, learning DIY skills, taking remote virtual trips or cultural landmarks, or, in some cases, buying local products from around the world. < / P > < p > for example, you want to order a virtual wine tasting experience in Argentina, learn how to make Mexican tacos, take a virtual tour of Kyoto’s South Zen temple, visit a 500 year old house in Peru, learn about coffee making in Costa Rica, learn how to make sushi in a family kitchen in Tokyo, and so on. According to Amazon, the virtual experience itself will be guided by local experts trained and supported by Amazon. Although there are other ways for Internet users to “travel” the world, such as watching YouTube videos and making virtual trips through Google Earth, Amazon explore is different because it is a one-to-one service that communicates in real time through one-way and two-way audio and video. This gives users a more immersive feel than passively watching videos on the screen. < / P > < p > the entire experience lasts 30 to 60 minutes and can be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours. When the journey begins, just log in to your Amazon account online and click on the conversation page in the “your order” section. < / P > < p > it is understood that this service experience requires users to use laptops or desktops, as it does not support mobile clients at present. In addition, they need to install a chrome, edge or Safari browser with a functional microphone, headset or speaker, and an Internet connection of more than 5mbps. < / P > < p > during the experience, users can further guide the experience by asking questions or asking the moderator to spend more time on one aspect or skipping the other. In addition, users can also use the camera icon at the bottom of the live stream to take photos. < / P > < p > some experiences – but not all of them are still shopping. In this case, customers can visit local stores and markets, browse products, and ask questions from shop owners. They can then choose to buy and receive the items they buy. When they make a purchase, the payment will be processed in Amazon’s secure payment system, using the payment method associated with the user’s account. < / P > < p > while Amazon has built real-time streaming tools for its live platform, the company says the Amazon explore experience uses a unique set of technologies. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia