US technology companies Facebook, Google and Microsoft have signed an official French initiative that includes tax principles. Amazon, however, has declined to participate, and apple is said to be in discussions. The move follows the introduction of France’s own digital tax system and the government’s efforts to secure non binding agreements on global issues among large technology companies. < / P > < p > it is reported that 75 executives from technology companies around the world have signed the appeal, but apple and Amazon are not involved. The appeal covers global issues, including the fight against cyber hate crimes, taxation, privacy and other aspects. The companies that signed the appeal agreed to contribute taxes fairly to the countries in which they operate, to stop online content such as extreme violence and child sexual abuse, and to support ecological transformation. < p > < p > the appeal for technology for good is a non legally binding agreement, part of more than three years of efforts by French President Marco ó n to get large technology companies to work with the government. It is reported that President marklon intends to use this initiative to put pressure on other technology companies in the upcoming negotiations. Global Tech