According to reports, five employees of Amazon in Spain were arrested on suspicion of stealing iPhones from a logistics center in Madrid, Spain, with a reported value of 500000 euros (592000 US dollars). Amazon reported the case after its own internal investigation, and the arrest was initiated by the police. Previously, Amazon found that the weight of some packages sent to customers was different from the expected weight of actual orders, which prompted Amazon to install hidden cameras. < / P > < p > camera hair now a group of workers have sneaked new iPhones such as iphone12 and iPhone 12 Pro into their orders, replacing the actual items in the package at the last minute. Amazon believes these orders were placed by the accomplices of the thieves. Among the five arrested by the police, three were arrested at work, the fourth at work and the fifth voluntarily surrendered to the police. All five have been fired by Amazon and are awaiting a Spanish court ruling. < / P > < p > when the police arrested the workers, they were found to have 10 iPhones and a large number of IMEI coding paper, which appeared to have been torn from the cargo I box, in order to hinder the investigation. At present, the investigation is continuing to determine the final destination of the distributed iPhones. It is estimated that the gang has stolen equipment worth 500000 euros. According to reports, the iPhone has long been a target of theft. Three million euros worth of iPhones were stolen from Schipol airport in Amsterdam in March, and an apple watch worth 530000 euros was stolen in May. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure