Christina smalls, a former employee, filed a lawsuit against Amazon today for failing to provide personal protective equipment to African and Latino warehouse employees during the epidemic. The class action lawsuit is aimed at Amazon’s failure to take appropriate measures to protect employees working in warehouses and for violating federal, state, and New York City’s human rights protection laws. “As a conscientious worker, I have done my best for Amazon,” Christian smalls said in a statement. < / P > < p > until yesterday, when it was ruthlessly dismissed by the company and then swept aside like garbage, because it insisted that Amazon should try to protect its dedicated employees from covid-19. < p > < p > Amazon did not comment specifically on the lawsuit, saying it would support African American employees, customers and partners. “Amazon’s mission is to become the most customer-oriented enterprise in the world, which is also crucial to our work in diversity and inclusiveness,” company spokesman Lisa levandowski said in an interview with foreign media. < / P > < p > our 14 leadership principles further reinforce this point and remind team members to seek diversified perspectives, keep learning and curiosity, and constantly win the trust of others. However, pastor Jesse Jackson, who supported the lawsuit, also expressed his support for Christian smalls and other workers in Amazon warehouse in a statement: < / P > < p > from warehouse to view, covid-19 has caused a disproportionate impact on African American communities in multiple dimensions, and this invisible enemy is killing everywhere in the community. The case of Christian smalls is a typical example, which directly reveals the greed and apathy of enterprises and how it forces communities to face incalculable and unnecessary risks. < p > < p > it is reported that Christian smalls was dismissed by Amazon in March after a strike on Staten Island was organized. At present, the Attorney General of New York is investigating whether Amazon’s move violates the federal workers’ Safety Act and the whistler protection act of New York state. Skip to content