Amazon said on Thursday it would give its frontline employees $300 in special holiday bonuses as the holiday shopping season approaches to thank them for their hard work. Full time employees from December 1 to December 31 are eligible for the bonus, Dave Clark, senior vice president of Amazon retail, wrote on the company’s blog on Thursday. Part time employees employed during the same period will receive a $150 bonus, he said. < / P > < p > Clark wrote: “our team is doing an amazing job of serving the basic needs of our customers and helping to bring some much-needed festive joy to socially divided families around the world.” He added that he “has never been more grateful – or proud of our team.” Amazon’s profits tripled in the third quarter. But the company is also trying to implement new security features in its warehouses as workers repeatedly protest to better protect themselves from the new coronavirus. Amazon has spent billions of dollars to address these problems, hiring hundreds of thousands of new workers to cope with the surge in consumer demand, and added dozens of new security measures, including testing systems, masks and stricter cleaning. < p > < p > Amazon disclosed last month that nearly 20000 of its American workers were infected with covid-19, suggesting that Amazon’s work to protect its workforce may be far from over. The round of bonuses totalled $500 million, after Amazon announced in June that it would pay a one-time bonus of $500 million to front-line employees. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”