Amazon announced that it will hold career day on September 16 local time, opening up about 33000 jobs to all job seekers, with an average annual salary of $150000. According to Amazon, 1000 recruiters will attend the company’s career development day, offering 20000 free career counseling courses. < p > < p > Amazon currently has 33000 vacancies in office and technology jobs, and said it would soon “take out thousands more hourly jobs in Amazon’s operating network.”. New employees in all of these positions will receive a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour and up to 20 weeks of parental leave. < / P > < p > employees working in the company’s office and technology positions will receive an average of $150000 a year, including wages, stock compensation and benefits, an Amazon spokesman said. “The economic impact of the epidemic has left many people unemployed and forced to find new jobs,” Amazon said. Therefore, career development days are designed to support all job seekers, regardless of their experience, professional field or background, regardless of which company they want to work for. ” < p > < p > in August, Amazon said it planned to hire another 3500 employees in major cities in the United States. The move will prompt Amazon to expand its office space aggressively at a time when other technology companies are implementing telecommuting indefinitely. Amazon also announced that it would open a new grocery store with a variety of smart devices. < p > < p > Amazon is reported to be in talks with SPG, the owner of the largest shopping mall in the United States, to transform some of its stores into distribution centers that can deliver packages. Amazon shares are up 77% from last year. Companies typically post thousands of new jobs each year during the holidays, but it’s not clear if there will be another wave of hiring this year. Amazon has employed more than 175000 employees to meet the surging demand for distribution during the spread of the U.S. epidemic. During the epidemic period, ups will also focus on personnel recruitment. “We plan to recruit more than 100000 people for seasonal UPS jobs, and we expect a large number of employees to be permanent after the holidays,” the company said Privacy Policy