According to Verdi, the union, about 500 workers took part in a three-day strike that began on Thursday and ended on Saturday, with the next strike starting Monday night and ending on Tuesday night. Germany is Amazon’s second largest market, after the United States. < / P > < p > workers at Amazon’s six German sites went on strike in June to protest against the security problems in its logistics centers, when dozens of workers were infected with the new coronavirus. German warehouse workers have been on strike against Amazon for many times in recent years to protest their wages and conditions. < / P > < p > the strikes in Germany are separate from the larger international protests launched by climate activists and Amazon warehouse workers on Black Friday. Make Amazon pay calls on Amazon to provide better working conditions for employees and reduce their carbon footprint. < p > < p > during the new crown pandemic, Amazon was strongly criticized. Net income nearly tripled in the third quarter to $6.33 billion. But Amazon workers protested because they said the e-commerce company didn’t take the new coronavirus seriously. The company said last month that about 19816 of Amazon’s front-line workers were infected with the new coronavirus. < p > < p > on Thanksgiving Day, Amazon announced a holiday bonus for its workers: full-time employees get $300 each, and part-time workers get $150 each. In a statement sent to the verge by email on Sunday, an Amazon spokesman said, “these activities have no impact, and the vast majority of employees are doing their daily work.”. “Germany’s more than 16000 employees and thousands of seasonal workers help us ensure that we are able to support the changing needs of our customers in this challenging period,” the spokesman said Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple