The prime day promotion launched by Amazon, an e-commerce company in the United States, has made consumers spend billions of dollars online. It also marks the beginning of the year-end holiday shopping season, which is expected to be dominated by e-commerce shopping. During the two-day event, consumption on Amazon’s U.S. website increased by 36% compared with last year’s prime day, according to market research firm Edison trends, although the increase was lower than the company’s 42% increase last year. < / P > < p > ahead of the prime day promotion, market research firm emarketer expects Amazon’s total sales of prime day in the U.S. market to reach $6.17 billion. Amazon did not disclose detailed financial data for this year’s promotion, but the company said third-party business sales on Amazon’s platform exceeded $3.5 billion during the campaign, up nearly 60% from last year. IRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner and kids against maturity card game are the best-selling products in the US market. < / P > < p > data from digital commerce 360 and salesforce show that sales of other e-commerce platforms in the U.S. during prime day promotions have also increased significantly, in addition to Amazon. U.S. online sales rose 76% on Tuesday from the first day of the prime day promotion in 2019. Affected by the epidemic, millions of Americans work or study at home, and retailers see a sharp rise in consumer spending online. < / P > < p > at the beginning of the outbreak, Amazon tried to cope with the surge in online orders, thus delaying the annual prime day promotion. Analysts said the postponement of prime day promotion from summer to close to Black Friday may have dampened some consumer spending. Black Friday after Thanksgiving is a day for many retailers to launch large-scale promotions. Preliminary research by numerator, a company that tracks consumer data, shows that spending per American household on during the campaign is about 28% lower than last year. < p > < p > Amazon is a leader in the U.S. retail market. This year, big retailers have also shown that online consumption will play a bigger role than ever during the shopping season. For many of the dominant companies, the overall retail situation during the shopping season remains volatile. Many retailers still plan to close stores during the Thanksgiving holiday period and conduct online transactions during the Black Friday Shopping Season in November and December to reduce on-site traffic. < / P > < p > according to Edison trends, Amazon’s e-commerce market share during the prime day promotion was down about 1.5 percentage points compared with last year, while Wal Mart, target and best buy saw a small increase in market share. The three companies compete with other major retailers during prime day. That’s what Edison trends and other data analysis companies have come to by analyzing hundreds of thousands of U.S. market exchanges. < / P > < p > consumers say they plan to continue to buy most of their products online as the holidays approach. According to numerator’s survey of more than 2000 shoppers, more than half of consumers said their main shopping route during the holiday season was online shopping, more than twice as much as last year. “What’s different this year is that more people are shopping online, and prime day has started the retail sales promotion period, thus extending the holiday shopping season,” said Andrew lipsman, an analyst at emarketer “The e-commerce cake is bigger this year.” < / P > < p > few companies benefit more than Amazon. According to analysts surveyed by FactSet, the company has made record profits this year and expects sales to reach $111.8 billion in the fourth quarter. That would be nearly $25 billion more than the company’s fourth quarter sales in 2019. < / P > < p > although prime day is profitable for Amazon, it still accounts for only a small part of the holiday shopping season. During Christmas last year, U.S. retail sales totaled more than $1 trillion. Emarketer said total U.S. e-commerce sales during the holiday season will grow 35% to about $190 billion, more than double last year’s growth. Analysts say they don’t think the early start of the holiday shopping season will ultimately affect total sales. < / P > < p > despite Amazon’s move to advance the start of the holiday shopping season, retail analysts still expect a lot of shopping promotions around Black Friday. Black Friday is usually when retailers start year-end sales. In a recent survey of about 3500 U.S. consumers by research firm NPD group, 14% plan to start shopping on Black Friday, down from 17% last year. < / P > < p > Amazon’s booming promotions are also accompanied by employee rights campaigns across the United States, including online petitions against Amazon warehouse worker productivity expectations and protests at the shakoepi plant in Minnesota. Previously, Amazon employees have used prime day promotions to vent their dissatisfaction with the company. (Chenchen) < A= target=_ blank>The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park