Two Amazon warehouses in California were subpoenaed by the California occupational safety and Health Administration for safety and health violations related to the new coronavirus. “Employees are not aware of key elements of training materials, including, but not limited to, workstation hygiene and objects frequently touched in the workplace,” the subpoena issued on October 6 said. < / P > < p > OSHA, California, fined Amazon Logistics Center (lgb3) in Eastvale, California, and dla8 in Hawthorne, California, for failing to provide adequate health and safety training to reduce the potential risk of infection with the new crown.

since the March novel coronavirus attacked the United States, warehouse workers, labor groups and politicians worried that Amazon’s measures were not enough to protect its employees from viral infection. The novel coronavirus related plan has cost about $4 billion, including developing testing capabilities, security equipment, increasing wages and training, Amazon said. < / P > < p > “we respect OSHA very much, but we think that the company’s training program is more than enough, and we plan to refute this,” the company said. “We have invested a lot of money from the induction training of new employees to the continuous prompt, the setting up of full-time safety ambassadors, and the continuous training and communication on safety procedures through various media every day Train people how to stay safe and healthy. ” < p > < p > Amazon said health and safety regulators had inspected more than 100 of its facilities since March and said it “exceeded compliance requirements.”. < / P > < p > following complaints filed by the ILO warehouse workers resource center on behalf of factory employees, OSHA, California, began investigating lgb3 in late April and dla8 in early May. Before receiving the subpoena, Amazon disclosed last week that between March 1 and September 19, 19816 front-line employees were infected with the new coronavirus. The company said that compared with the overall population infection rate in the United States, the infection rate of employees was 42% lower than expected. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today

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