John Hancock Life Insurance said: “consumers are more concerned about their own death, we have seen an increase in demand for life insurance, and people are more aware of their basic health. Combined with the latest personal health technologies, including apple watch, we can help our customers live longer and healthier lives. &Quot; < / P > < p > prior to that, John Hancock Life Insurance Company started offering apple watch series 3 to customers in 2017, and then made owning Apple watch a mandatory condition for obtaining its life insurance. This latest version of the program requires members to choose to register for a program version called vitality plus. Once they do, they can choose the new Apple watch. < / P > < p > everyone who signs up for the program has to pay $25 for the apple watch. Then, like a loan, users can choose to pay another $25 a month. However, if the user reaches some unspecified movement goal in the month, John Hancock will actually exempt this fee. So active users will eventually have their own Apple watch without having to pay more than the initial $25. < / P > < p > in 2018, when RAND research showed that Apple watch was a strong incentive, Marian Harrison, President and CEO of John Hancock’s Financial Services Division, said that’s why the company offered the program. Rand’s research shows that customer experience to date will have a long-term impact. People can successfully take small daily steps to improve their overall health. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region