It is powered by a 36 horsepower diesel engine and can run for 20 hours at a time. It is equipped with a plow blade at the front end to remove obstacles on the road. < / P > < p > the thermosite RS3 hose can extend 91 meters horizontally and 45 meters vertically. It can spray 2500 gallons (9500 liters) of water per minute through the nozzle. The operator remotely controls the robot through a backpack controller that transmits high-definition video streams. < p > < p > although the thermal RS3 was officially introduced by the Los Angeles Fire Department at a news conference on Tuesday, the machine was actually put into use that morning and helped put out a commercial fire. < / P > < p > however, the department points out that robots are not suitable for all types of tasks, but it does hope that they will be used in large commercial building fires, wood construction sites, wildfires, animal rescue and fuel tank car fires. Global Tech