According to foreign media BGR reports, astronomers have discovered what appears to be an “asteroid” that is flying toward the earth’s orbit. If the object is indeed an asteroid and enters Earth orbit, it will be considered a “mini satellite”, but not everyone agrees. Some scientists, including members of NASA, believe that the asteroid is actually an old rocket booster that returns to earth. < / P > < p > the object, named asteroid 2020 so, is expected to orbit around the earth, 27000 miles from our planet. Unfortunately, it’s probably not an asteroid, but an old rocket booster. < / P > < p > “I suspect that this newly discovered object 2020 so is an old rocket booster, because it follows an orbit very similar to that of the earth about the sun, which is almost circular, in the same plane, only a little farther away from the sun at the farthest point.” Dr. Paul chodas of NASA’s Center for near earth objects told CNN in an interview. “This is exactly what the rocket stage separated from the lunar mission follows once it passes through the moon and escapes into orbit about the sun. An asteroid is unlikely to evolve into such an orbit, but it’s not impossible < / P > < p > chodas believes that the rocket booster is probably from the 1960s. More specifically, based on an analysis of past lunar missions, he believes it was a booster that went into space in 1966. The mission was supposed to send a lander surveyor 2 to the surface of the moon, but it crashed. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen

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