Omdia, a market research firm, predicts that Huawei’s suppliers in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China’s $26.4 billion in parts revenue each year will be hit by the “Huawei ban.”. According to the Nikkei news report, the new ban announced by the U.S. Department of Commerce last month actually bans the supply of any semiconductor products produced by US production equipment or design software to Huawei. Chip design companies usually use electronic design automation tools developed in the United States, and in advanced semiconductor manufacturing plants, chip manufacturing equipment combined with American technology is more common. < / P > < p > this ban is mainly aimed at blocking Huawei’s access to important components of mobile phones and base stations through external suppliers, but the impact is far greater than Huawei itself. < p > < p > among them, Japanese enterprises supplied nearly 30% of the parts to Huawei, and suffered the most. Sony alone supplies billions of dollars a year for mobile phone mirror image sensors. On the Taiwan side of China, TSMC is believed to generate more than $5 billion in revenue annually from Huawei. MediaTek has nearly $500 million in revenue each year related to Huawei. According to public reports, Samsung, SK Hynix, TSMC, MediaTek and other manufacturers have submitted supply licenses to the US Department of Commerce. Kana Itabashi, an expert in international trade law in Japan, said it might be “quite difficult” to obtain a license unless there were special circumstances. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract