Apple officially launched the iPhone 12 series last week, and the first reservations started on Friday evening. As expected before the launch, the iPhone 12 is very popular as soon as it goes on sale. At present, the delivery time of the official website has been arranged to be 2-3 weeks later. As the successor of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 not only uses the top-level OLED screen, but also adds 5g function, which is obviously improved compared with the previous generation; < / P > < p > while the iPhone 12 Pro series focuses on the improvement of image function, and the price is also cheaper; and the iPhone 12 Mini is the lightest 5g small screen flagship in the world. It is to maintain the starting price of the previous generation. It can be said that this year’s iPhone product line has given consumers the biggest choice in history. However, foreign media CNBC quoted analysts from Deutsche Bank as saying that apple is not expected to raise the consumer’s impulse to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Series, because the gap between the two (Pro Series and non Pro Series) is smaller. < p > < p > analysts said, “looking at all the features of the iPhone 12 series, the only advantage of the iPhone 12 Pro is the camera module – although they are excellent, the obvious gap between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro is only in the camera.” It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia