After a year, the much anticipated Blizzard Carnival will finally be held online live from February 20 to February 21, 2021. A few days ago, Kaiser 499, a famous game promoter, revealed the content of this blizzard plus your painting. Judging from the lineup, it’s full of fierce news.


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Previously, Kaiser 499, the tweeter, revealed the contents of Diablo 4 and watchman 2, which are highly authentic, so they have high credibility in the minds of players.

According to the information disclosed, the new contents to be announced in the carnival are as follows:

1. World of Warcraft “burning expedition” reminiscent clothes update

2. Remaking of Diablo 2

3. New expansion package of the legend of hearthstone

4. Release date of Diablo: immortality

5. Announce a number of mobile games (maybe world of Warcraft’s pet vs. mobile game)

6. The new hero, map and story preview of vanguard 2

7. The new class and new area of Diablo 4

According to the information, as previously speculated, “Diablo” series will have a number of new content released game. Players have been calling for “Diablo 2” remaking, as well as “Diablo 4” will issue the latest news.

Do u guys not have phones?

Diablo: immortality has already won the title before, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s officially launched. This carnival is the best time. Combined with the development of a number of mobile games, it seems that Blizzard is determined to enter the field of mobile games, fans must have a mobile phone.

In addition, there is no mention of the current operation of the “watchman” content. It seems that until the launch of “watchman 2”, it may be difficult for watchman to launch new content, leaving only regular festival activities and skin heat.

The blizzard Carnival will officially start on Saturday and Sunday. Due to the online form, there will be no virtual ticket restrictions. Interested friends can pay attention to the official website of Blizzard Carnival to get the latest information.