Gallium nitride (GAN) chargers have been popular in the past few years, mainly due to their smaller size and higher efficiency compared with traditional silicon chargers. Anker, a popular accessory brand, today launched its latest gallium nitride charger, 20W Anker nano. The new Anker nano, which costs $19.99, is an updated version of the previous powerport III nano, with power increased from 18 watts to 20 watts to match the wattage of Apple’s new iPad air quick charger. However, due to the gallium nitride technology, Anker nano with usb-c is roughly the same size as Apple’s “5-fu-a” usb-a charger. < / P > < p > there has been news that Apple will not add a charger to the box of the iPhone 12 product line, so users will look for their own charging options, whether it’s an existing charger or a new charger from Apple or a third party. < / P > < p > in addition to the 20W Anker nano providing an extremely portable solution for fast charging of a single device, Anker’s 60W powerport III also provides a pair of usb-c interfaces that can charge two devices at the same time, such as the combination of iPhone, iPad and small MAC notebook models. It also comes with optional plugs to cope with different outlets in the US, UK and EU. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park