According to foreign media reports, for some reasons, some super car manufacturers have already had such an idea in the past few years that they should make special cars with no roof at all. Ferrari’s Sp1 and SP2 did this, followed by McLaren’s Elva, before which Mercedes Benz’s SLR Stirling moss did. < / P > < p > this is a strange trend, but it is also a good trend. Now Lamborghini is also planning to enter the circle by launching a crazy bat car built by its SQUARA corse division. So far, it has no name, but it has a super cute orange with “attenzione” on the side. < p > < p > Lamborghini launched the car on its instagram account on Thursday. Based on the similarity of camouflage, it is estimated that the new sports car may be the roofless version of scv12, which debuted a few months ago. This racetrack sports car has a naturally aspirated V12 with an output power of over 800 horsepower. In addition, it may also be an aventador SVJ roadster with its roof removed. In addition, it may be designed similar to the Sian hybrid and the sc18 Alston. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region

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