Other financing came from bpifrance and other banking partners. Applied Materials Inc. and arm Inc. are important supporters of MRAM technology development, and they have invested heavily in spin memory Inc. (Fremont, California). < / P > < p > sot-mram represents a further development beyond spin torque transfer (STT) MRAM. It contains the possibility of a special endurance cycle needed to become a universal embedded nonvolatile memory that has been long expected. The continuous development of embedded memory technology based on logic such as MRAM is expected to provide low power consumption, high performance and high durability for IOT and edge AI devices. By achieving high speed and unlimited read-write durability at the same time, sot may replace embedded nonvolatile memory and SRAM cache in microcontroller, microprocessor and system chip design. < p > < p > if sot-mram can be used to replace SRAM in registers, flip flops and scrapers, it will have a significant impact on the design and operation of the processor. Compared with SRAM, MRAM has the advantages of non fluctuation and density. SRAM is usually implemented by six transistors, but it needs to show excellent endurance cycle to be suitable for logic circuits. Skip to content