Recently, after the launch of the holo day bash activity in apex hero, some players expressed strong dissatisfaction that the skin they wanted was divided into multiple skin packages for sale. They think the rebirth studio is trying to get them to spend more gold on skin they don’t want. < / P > < p > now Daniel Klein, a game designer at the rebirth studio, is responding to players’ accusations. Daniel Klein said: “even if the player’s comments have not reached the extreme level, we are still affected by negative emotions. People curse you for being fired and nickname you. Even if we accept the blame from the players in the end, it will leave a lot of psychological trauma < p > < p > for his response, netizens reacted differently. Some netizens think “you mean that some people in the rebirth studio are thin skinned and prefer to avoid feedback from players rather than take responsibility.” “No developer will feel that he owes a player, and is willing to let the player abuse or insult him,” he says < / P > < p > in fact, the communication between developers and players is very important, which can gradually improve the game. But many players start to spray as soon as they come up, greeting the relatives of developers. This is really hard to accept, and developers are reluctant to respond publicly. I hope both sides can be calm and solve the current problems. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park