With the award-winning certificates handed over to young developers, the fifth “mobile application innovation competition” officially ended in Haining campus of Zhejiang University. < / P > < p > this competition, jointly organized by apple and Haining University, is one of the five competition modules of China University computer competition. The organizers hope to stimulate students’ innovative consciousness, enhance their ability to analyze and solve problems by using computers, and cultivate the spirit of teamwork. In an exclusive interview with sina digital, ge yue, vice president of apple and managing director of Greater China, revealed that apple and its organizers organized 13 online virtual activities and a three-day virtual Apple training camp this year to help students learn from teachers, Apple engineers and past winners. The teams participating in the final were consulted one-on-one by Apple engineers and experienced developers. This year’s competition has attracted more than 3000 athletes from 370 colleges and universities, with 1000 entries. Due to the high quality of the entries this year, a total of 53 teams reached the final. Through face-to-face consultation and solutions with Apple engineers and communication with successful developers, these 53 teams have continuously improved the quality of their works. < / P > < p > in the end, after fierce competition, a number of judges from the organizer selected the most innovative award, the first prize, the second prize and the third prize from more than 50 teams. Among them, seal creat from Zhejiang University won the most innovative Award; colorama, I-Speak assisted therapy app from Nanjing University and vuvu from Yunlin University of science and technology in Taipei, China, won the first prize. During the interview on the first day of the interview, during the strict inspection by the judges, each team spared no effort to introduce their products to the media and teachers. The composition of each team is roughly the same, a total of three people, some responsible for front-end code, some responsible for UI design. Although each team comes from different places, one thing can be confirmed: these “boutiques” selected from more than 1000 works have produced real apps, and some of them have even been online in the app store. Their works can take the initiative to consider the psychological recovery of the people affected by the epidemic; some focus on cultural heritage and cultural heritage protection; and even cover some, such as helping the visually impaired to identify road obstacles; and some works focus on children’s education and garbage classification. < / P > < p > the most innovative Award “seal creat” is an application that inherits and develops seal culture. Its core is to use artificial intelligence method to bring users more intuitive cognition and experience of seal cutting. This application provides a variety of interactive ways to simulate the effect of seal cutting with pen and knife to help people learn seal knowledge. < / P > < p > the maturity of this application is very high. In the one click seal generation part, it can even generate a seal according to the user’s input text and the selected seal style. < / P > < p > when it comes to the original intention of the design, team Cheng said that inheriting the seal culture will give everyone the opportunity to have their own design seals. Most importantly, the team has begun to commercialize seal creat, and is talking to some organizations about cooperation. Sina digital is deeply impressed by the application of “Wenbao is around”. This is a creative and very mature application created by Fudan University. Talking about the original intention of the design, several childish students said that it was to promote Chinese traditional culture, hoping to make a visit guidance platform dedicated to the national cultural relics protection units, so as to meet the needs of lovers, and hope that more people will pay attention to the cultural relics protection units around them, and pay attention to the protection and maintenance of these historical sites. < / P > < p > this app is committed to being the best national cultural protection visit and guidance platform. It is very useful for users who love historical sites and tourism. It can display the cultural relics protection units around based on your geographical location. At the same time, each cultural relics protection unit provides detailed information introduction, and individuals can also publish travel notes and knowledge in the application, which is a combination of content, knowledge App with social properties. This app is very mature, and even some relics support arkit. < / P > < p > for the damaged and disappeared relics, the team members also said that they would realize virtual viewing through arkit on IOS in the future, and cooperate with relevant units to model and restore the lost historical sites. < / P > < p > nowadays, apps about cooking are not rare. During the epidemic period, the longer time at home has made many people’s cooking skills improve by leaps and bounds. However, when cooking, it is often difficult for people to read recipes on their mobile phones after touching the food ingredients. The application team of East China University of science and technology has attracted a lot of people. < / P > < p > this is a menu app that focuses on voice interaction. During the whole cooking process, users can adjust the menu progress and find ingredients by voice. Compared with the original touch interaction, it is more friendly to the users who are cooking in the kitchen scene. < / P > < p > < p > the main creative team of recipair is three young boys. Now most young people can’t cook, but these three young people are not only masters in cooking, but also have a lot of research on cooking app. < / P > < p > “making cooking more convenient” is the product goal of recipair. The traditional cooking app is more like a word document, with pictures and text as the main part. Recipair is applied on this basis to transform the voice. Now, voice search technology is becoming people’s daily habits, more and more people are used to using voice search. < / P > < p > in the early stage, in order to ensure the high quality of the menu content, most of the recipe content is produced and supplied internally, but after the product is more mature, the authority to share the recipe will also be transferred to ordinary users. In the future, users can interact with each other by voice. The chief creative team said. < / P > < p > in the context of this year’s epidemic, we have seen a lot of cases related to resistance to the spread of the epidemic, as well as many apps focusing on special groups and auxiliary medical care. < / P > < p > the team from Southwest University of science and technology has brought “Yaosu”, an application focusing on the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine. “Yaosu” team focuses on the cultivation and sale of traditional Chinese medicine, and solves the problem of loss caused by the lack of professional knowledge of many people in planting traditional Chinese medicine by getting through the knowledge sharing of pharmaceutical farmers, seed selling and agricultural experts. Why does a pure engineering team have such a drug application far away from our lives? < / P > < p > team members also gave their own answers: through this year’s epidemic, the role of traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized by the international community, and the development of traditional Chinese medicine is more promising. However, team members found that many people lost their professional knowledge when planting traditional Chinese medicine, so they hope to use the mobile Internet technology and big data support to help them better plant Chinese medicine and make better profits. < p > < p > Sina digital found in the on-site experience that the application of “Yaosu” not only has professional knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine, but also has case base from experts and interactive Q & a board. The overall functional integrity is very high, and it is closer to life. Pocket CT developed by Huazhong University is a self-service application for patients with new crown. Users can put the CT film on the common light-emitting plane at home, and then open the pocket to take CT photos, and then get the automatic detection results. Pocket CT is especially convenient for data sharing on the Internet. Users can generate data links and share them with doctors through wechat. Doctors can view the links with local pocket CT. < / P > < p > a relative of the founding team member was once a new crown patient. Talking about the original intention of designing this application, this member told Sina digital that in the early stage of the epidemic, medical resources were scarce, so they could only be treated and isolated at home. The description of CT film and diagnosis report was vague, and some professional medical terms could not be understood. Through this application, users could understand the report or CT film, and more intuitively understand their own lung condition. The most important meaning of pocket CT is to help users make effective use of CT film and better cooperate with doctors to treat. < / P > < p > through communication with the competitors of the mobile application innovation competition, we found that all their ideas are based on society and life, trying to solve practical problems through technology itself, and many apps are not only creative, but also highly completed, and even some have business planning. < / P > < p > the platform provided by apple and Zhejiang University allows them to display their talents to the fullest extent. Sina digital believes that the most valuable thing is that the support and empowerment of apple and Zhejiang University will not be terminated because of the end of the competition. According to ge yue, Apple has trained many successful entrepreneurs, engineers and teachers through the previous competitions. In 2018, the most innovative work “intimate friend” paper exhibition was held at the top conference of international computer society. The first prize work “stepbeats” in 2017 has started a business and completed financing. < / P > < p > of the 48 top and first prize winners in the past four years, three have become entrepreneurs, three have been university faculty members, and 13 have been corporate Engineers – one of whom works in Apple’s headquarters, two in Apple China’s R & D, and the rest are continuing their studies. Education is Apple’s DNA. Apple has been encouraging the next generation to develop a passion for programming. For this technology giant, the return brought by the investment in education will become the foundation of supporting IOS application ecology. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract