According to reports, Apple announced on Thursday that it would adjust its app store policy to allow developers to provide app pre-sale services as early as 180 days before its public launch. < / P > < p > according to the regulations of the app store, users who participate in an app pre-sale activity can automatically download the corresponding app on their target devices. Users will be informed on the day of release that the download will take place within 24 hours. < / P > < p > Apple allowed app pre-sale as early as the end of 2017, marking a major change in the way the app store operates. Before the full implementation of the function, only Nintendo’s “Super Mario Parkour” and other major applications can enjoy this treatment. < / P > < p > developers can use this to collect more marketing information and deeply understand users’ interests. Interested developers can submit the app to apple for review and then select a specific pre-sale date, ranging from 2 days to 180 days. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple

By ibmwl