Apple has been adjusting the price of many of its products for the new overnight. Some devices, such as the iPad, have seen moderate growth in value, while others, such as the Mac, have declined. Apple encourages customers to upgrade by offering a trade in option in exchange for a credit to buy a new device. Imore found the latest changes in the value of the trade in program, including the iPad, apple watch, MAC, and even some Android devices. < / P > < p > Apple has increased the highest value of trade in for many of the iPad’s products. The iPad Pro rose $25 to $525. The iPad air and the entry-level iPad rose $40 to $250 and $240, respectively. Finally, the ipad Mini went from $175 to $205. < p > < p > for desktops, the trade in value of imacpro has fallen sharply by $540 to just $3040. The IMAC fell from $1390 to $1180 and the Mac Mini from $930 to $830. The Mac Pro seems to be the only Mac to appreciate, nearly double its previous price of $1490. Customers can now trade in Mac Pro for $2930. In terms of Android devices, the value of Samsung Galaxy S20 dropped from $270 to $225, while the value of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + and Google pixel devices increased slightly, but the actual valuation will depend on the condition of the device. Analysts recently said that if Apple is combined with the iPhone upgrade plan and apple one, Apple’s trade in program could become a key part of the future hardware and software integrated subscription service. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities