In January, apple and Broadcom were convicted of violating the California Institute of technology’s Wi Fi patent. Apple tried to fight in March, but failed. Even if the two companies have yet to overturn their claims for $1.1 billion. On Thursday, apple and volatility released a new statement urging the court to overturn the earlier trial, citing a number of misreferences to legal provisions in the original ruling. < / P > < p > it is understood that during the trial, the plaintiff’s lawyer questioned the license agreement Apple obtained in 2020. The chips are used on devices such as the iPhone iPad, MAC, and apple watch, but they assume that Apple gets about $1.40 per device (26 cents for Broadcom). < / P > < p > the jury adopted the plaintiff’s calculation and fined apple and Broadcom $838 / 270 million (a total of $1.108 billion). However, the defendants protested that the unfair ruling was highly biased against them and seriously hindered them from rejecting their claims of presumed patent importance, resulting in a huge amount of unfounded damages. < / P > < p > for this reason, Law360 said that the plaintiff was shocked by the two companies’ practices. Because the amount of compensation it calculated was originally more than $2.2 billion, the court only supported its increase of $66 million in fines in August. As for the additional costs, they will not be dealt with until after the appeal. Finally, in addition to this case, Apple has also faced many patent disputes and antitrust lawsuits in recent years. At present, the most controversial one is Epic Games, the game developer of Fortress night, which has taken apple to court because of its high share and monopoly policy of app store. Global Tech