Apple and Google have announced that they are joining the next g alliance, a North American trade organization set up just last month to promote 6G. The alliance, led by ATIS, aims to promote North America’s leadership in 6G and future mobile technologies. According to foreign media, the next g alliance originated from an action within ATIS aimed at developing an organized way for North America to achieve 5g and future wireless technologies. “As the world is exploring opportunities to light up the 6G Road, the US must take key actions in a timely manner to ensure its unquestionable leadership in 6G innovation and development,” ATIS director said of the reasons Susan Miller, ATIS CEO, said in May: “given the geopolitical situation, the old leadership model will not play a role in the new future. If the United States is to maintain its leadership, it must act in a new way. ” < / P > < p > 6G is expected to be commercially available in the market around 2030. The global wireless industry has begun to conduct extensive research on 6G technology. However, there is growing concern that the geopolitical situation between China and the United States may eventually affect the work of the 6G standard, which may lead to the emergence of a technical version in the United States and a technical version in China, which are not interoperable. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today