Foreign media Apple insider predicts that Apple’s iPhone assembly partners in India will benefit from the local government’s $6.6 billion production related incentive plan to encourage major intelligent mechanism manufacturers to increase production investment. It was reported last month that the August report of the assembly partners showed that Foxconn, Hewlett Packard and Wistron, among the assembly partners, had submitted their PLI application. The list of approved companies is expected to be announced in the announcement on Wednesday. Earlier, according to sources, the Indian government will hold a cabinet meeting to approve the PLI plan, with a view to attracting $150 billion in Smartphone Production in the next five years. < / P > < p > of the more than a dozen manufacturers approved by the senior government council, there are all three of Apple’s assembly partners. Of the five places planned to be allocated to foreign enterprises, Foxconn takes two places, Heshuo and Weichuang each occupy one, and the other is occupied by Samsung. < / P > < p > according to the plan, India will provide a 6% incentive for the sale of goods produced in the country over the next five years. The output from 2019 to 2020 will be regarded as a benchmark. < / P > < p > the applicant must also agree to export 60% of the local products to the foreign market, without providing direct or indirect employment opportunities for 1.2 million local people. In August, Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s it minister, said that he was very optimistic about the PLI plan and expected to build a strong ecosystem in the whole value chain and integrate the global supply chain to enhance the ecological competitiveness of the country’s electronic manufacturing industry. < p > < p > Apple is currently producing iphonese models in India, and there are even rumors that it will make “iPhone 12” in mid-2021. Assembly partners, for example, plan to hire 10000 employees for the third iPhone factory. < p > < p > Foxconn has been making iPhone 11 in India since July, driven by the PLI incentive program, and has since added $1 billion to expand production. In addition, Asustek registered a subsidiary in India in July, and there are reports that it plans to transfer some of its Chinese capacity to India. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region