Developers of Linux and UNIX shells have been warned by apple that their IOS applications violate the app store audit criteria and will be terminated on the app store. Shell is a tool that allows users to operate command line on the device. Usually, the device does not provide such functions, such as the lack of terminal in IOS system. Terminal emulator applications such as a-shell and ISH can implement many UNIX commands in IOS, which is very useful for developers and power users. < / P > < p > however, according to a series of tweets on Sunday, the two apps seem to have been attacked by Apple’s app store team for seemingly violating the app store audit guidelines. The ISH twitter account said it was told by apple that it would remove the app from the app store on Monday. A few hours later, the developers said they had received a call from the app review team, apologizing for the notice, that the appeal against the removal had been accepted and that ish would not be removed from the app store. < / P > < p > as for the reason why the app was rejected, ish believes that it may be related to section 2.5.2 of the app store audit guide. Section 2.5.2 states that the application must not read or write data outside its designated container area, nor & quot; download, install, or execute code & quot;. Because shell applications may have the ability to run scripts, it may have been received during the review process. < / P > < p > in a full blog post, ish developers Theodore Dubois, saagar JHA and Martin Persson explained that the deletion threat was due to the team’s belief that the app & quot; did not have its own features and had remote package update capabilities & quot;, and asked to delete violations and other remote network commands. Some people think that if ish allows users to import code into applications, it is a security issue;. < / P > < p > Sagar wrote: & quot; we believe ISH is fully compliant with the app store audit guidelines. &Apple is believed to have misunderstood or misread the app, its own guidelines, or the consequences they are asking for;. Saagar recommends that consistent implementation of this incorrect interpretation will ensure that all script applications are removed from the app store;. < / P > < p > a-shell twitter further informed that it was asked to remove access to UNIX commands & quot; curl, Pip, and wasm & quot; to keep the application in the app store. The curl command handles data transfer over the network, PIP is used to install Python packages, and wasm is related to web assembly, which is a code that can be run in a web browser. < p > < p > Apple updated the app store audit guide on August 31, which includes a new content that allows developers to challenge the guide themselves, which may cause apple to change some of the audit rules. Guardian VPN has successfully documented a challenge for apple, which wants to be more flexible in charging for automatic updates. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure