Some apple card users have recently noticed a mess in their bills, with at & T’s bills paid with Apple’s credit cards counted as waters, hardy & Co., a Dallas tax accounting firm. This strange confusion of bills started on Thursday, when many users saw unusual transactions in their wallet app. < / P > < p > Apple card did not properly allocate certain fees to at & T, but attributed these purchases to tax companies for some reason, which is expected to cause confusion to cardholders who closely track their purchases. < / P > < p > at the same time, waters, hardy & Co. also received a large number of calls from confused Apple card customers who confirmed the problem in a statement posted to Facebook on Wednesday: < / P > < p > if you see the & quot; waters, hardy & Company CPA & quot; charges on Apple card, please know that this is not us and we have not received funds. Please check your at & T account as we are told that this is actually their bill and our name is listed as a merchant. This afternoon, we have received hundreds of calls from all over the United States, so much so that we have to close our calls. We are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible. thank you! It is not clear what causes this problem. Apple didn’t comment on the matter and didn’t know when to fix it. < / P > < p > a technical support staff admitted the error to at least one apple card user who was informed that the company was aware of the problem. However, apart from inconvenience to users, this problem does not seem to have any material impact on the payment path. Global Tech