According to a source, apple is continuing to develop embedded fingerprint technology for the display screen, and may release an iPhone with an off screen touch ID sensor in the future. The touch ID on Apple’s iPhone had been rumored for years. But while there are signs that apple is continuing to develop embedded fingerprint sensors for display screens, these rumors have yet to materialize. However, in a tweet on Thursday, whistleblower @ l0vetodream said Apple still plans to bring the touch ID back to the iPhone through a mechanism under the display. Another informant, Jon Prosser, says that & quot; mesa & quot; is the internal code for touch ID. Although Apple has chosen face ID on its flagship iPhone, there are still patents and patent applications indicating that apple is still developing embedded touch ID for display. < / P > < p > for example, two patent applications in July detailed various methods to alleviate some of the problems involved in reading fingerprints through optical displays. Some apple patent applications also indicate that the company has long wanted to use both face ID and touch ID on a single device. And supply chain reports suggest that Apple’s key suppliers may be preparing to ship off screen fingerprint recognition technology. In 2019, Guo predicted that Apple would release at least one iPhone with an off screen fingerprint reader in 2021. This might mean implementing some type of touch ID on the iPhone 13. Having both touch ID and face ID on iPhone can bring some benefits to users, such as dual biometric authentication to improve security, and convenient use of fingerprints when the user’s face is covered by a mask or other occlusion. Global Tech