Apple’s infringement of the VirnetX holdings patent, the court asked apple for compensation; if interest and royalties were added, the compensation could exceed $1 billion. Previously, the court found that Apple had infringed two patents of VirnetX holdings, which can ensure the secure communication of Apple devices. Last October, the jury demanded $503 million from apple. VirnetX told the district judge that $503 million was too little and that interest should be added to $116 million. What’s more, VirnetX also requires apple to pay compensation for the infringing devices it sells, with a royalty of 84 cents per unit sold in the future. < p > < p > Apple believes that the damages set in October last year were too high, and the judge should cut the amount by 75% to $113 million because two patents of VirnetX were invalid. In addition, apple is not satisfied with the compensation calculation method of VirnetX. It thinks that if the VirnetX patent is included in the equipment to be sold in the future, the royalty should be paid, but the amount for each device should not be 84 cents, but 19 cents, or even none. In a video hearing on Thursday, Judge Robert W. Schroeder III told both sides that a ruling would be given in the near future. At the hearing, VirnetX repeatedly stressed that some issues had been decided by the judge and the jury, but apple always objected to these decisions. Apple’s lawyers retorted that the company has the right to challenge all legal issues. Federal agencies should not grant patents to such technologies. If the amount set by the jury is too high, the company will try its best to overturn it. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park