When Apple announced the MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 in October, it also announced that it would launch a MagSafe duo charger in the future, but did not specify a release date. However, an authorized Apple dealer in Switzerland said the MagSafe duo charger would be officially launched as soon as this month. Today’s orders will be delivered between December 16 and 23, and they can also be picked up at the store on these dates, according to its official website. However, apple, as the manufacturer of the product, has not provided the latest information on the launch date of the product, so it is difficult to know the exact date of December, but the authorized seller’s statement is likely to be correct, and it is not impossible that we will see the MagSafe duo charger in the store by the end of this year (Apple has provided the media with the tester). < / P > < p > although the list price is $129, the MagSafe duo charger does not come with a power adapter. This alone has caused some dissatisfaction among Apple users, but it has recently been revealed that the MagSafe part of the charger can not even be charged at the full power of 15 watts supported by the independent MagSafe charger, which is even more unreasonable. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities