Apple has published a special report on its official website, focusing on its donation of PPE to Zambia, an African country, and how to transfer the proceeds of product (red) to help the global fund deal with covid-19 and HIV in sub Saharan Africa. This year, covid-19 has dramatically changed the face of health care, and the global fund, which coordinates these shipments to help fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, must respond quickly to this second epidemic. < / P > < p > these institutions have established the covid-19 response mechanism, which is adjusting the existing global fund program so that people receiving treatment, including lifelong antiretroviral treatment, can continue to receive treatment safely. < / P > < p > Apple has been working with (red) since 2006 and has launched dozens of products and accessories, including the latest iphone12 and iPhone se (product) red models. Apple and its customers have raised nearly $250 million for the Global Fund’s work in sub Saharan Africa as a result of the revenue from these commodities. With the spread of covid-19 worldwide, Apple has shifted the proceeds of (product) red to this response mechanism and will continue to do so until June 30, 2021. < / P > < p > Apple has also donated millions of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Zambian Ministry of health, including surgical masks purchased from the supply chain and masks designed and manufactured by apple. The article emphasizes the impact of personal protective equipment on the reduction of coronavirus infection in HIV clinic patients in Zambia. Covid-19 has greater lethality to people with underlying diseases, which means that patients will not dare to go to medical institutions for daily antiretroviral treatment provided by the global fund. The provision of personal protective equipment contributes to the physical and mental protection of workers and patients, enabling the fight against HIV / AIDS and coronavirus to continue. In the past two decades, Zambia has made significant progress in the fight against HIV / AIDS. In 2003, 61000 Zambians died each year from AIDS related diseases. As a result of the work of the Global Fund in collaboration with the government of Zambia and health-care providers, the number of AIDS related deaths has been reduced by more than 70%, and the number of new infections has been reduced by half since the peak. The global fund also supports a larger goal led by the United Nations to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. < p > < p > Apple’s news feature also includes more information, pictures and videos about the Global Fund’s work in sub Saharan Africa. Click the link below to access the full text: < A= target=_ blank>Global Tech