At 2 a.m. on November 11, apple held its fourth online conference this year. Apple’s first self-developed computer chip M1 was officially unveiled. At the same time, it released three new Mac products, including MacBook Air, mac mini and MacBook Pro. This is the first time Apple’s MAC has used its own processor in 36 years. < / P > < p > in this less than 50 minutes conference, apple showed obvious confidence in this self-developed processor. It repeatedly emphasized that M1 processor and new Mac products with the chip improved several times in terms of performance, “second kill” similar products, and focused on the improvement of endurance display. Apple’s airpods studio and airtags, which were rumored to be on the Internet before, did not appear. It seems that we have to wait. < p > < p > Apple CEO Tim Cook opened with a review of the many new products Apple has launched this year, including a series of new iPhones, new iPads, and peripherals such as homepod Mini. After that, he mentioned one more thing this year – self-developed PC chips, and concluded by saying, “today is a big day for Mac.” For Apple’s PC ecology, this is a major transformation, which means that it has officially shifted from Intel era to self-study. < p > < p > four months after the announcement of the wwdc20 developer conference in June this year, Apple’s M1 processor, a computer chip developed by apple, was officially the first to appear at the launch. This is Apple’s first processor specially designed for Mac. In addition to its low power consumption and small size, it also brings a great surprise in performance. According to the introduction, M1 processor adopts the most advanced 5nm process technology, contains 16 billion transistors, adopts a unified memory architecture and eight core design, including four high-performance cores and four efficient cores, and integrates the CPU, graphics processor, neural network engine, various connection functions and many other components into one core On the film. < / P > < p > that is to say, Apple’s new generation of MAC products will no longer need to install multiple single chips on the motherboard, and M1 processor will realize the combination of multiple chips into a single chip system (SOC). It is understood that this is also the industry’s first computer processor using 5nm process technology. At the same time, apple M1 processor has found the best balance between performance and power consumption. Compared with Intel’s latest PC chip, the performance of M1 at the same power is twice that of the former, while the power consumption at the same performance is only one third of that of the former. Apple also make complaints about Intel’s “toothpaste factory” style at the conference, saying that the performance of each generation of processors is very limited, which slows down the progress of apple Mac product performance. In terms of graphics card, M1 processor integrates 8 core GPU and supports 2.6 teraflops computing power. It is also the highest performance integrated graphics card in the industry. In addition, M1 processor also includes 16 core neural engine, which can make MAC perform better in machine learning, support the latest generation of secure enclave security technology and USB4 transmission standard. < / P > < p > in order to match the M1 processor, Apple also launched the official version of MacOS Big Sur. The combination of MacOS Big Sur and M1 enables a new generation of Macs to recover from sleep immediately, just like the iPhone and iPad. At the same time, thanks to the unified memory architecture of M1 chip, the application program can call more video memory in MacOS Big Sur, which brings better graphics processing ability. Besides, M1 chip has the security startup and automatic encryption based on hardware, which improves the security performance. < / P > < p > in MacOS Big Sur, apple provides a third-party application translation software called Rosetta to help other applications adapt quickly, optimize and adapt all native applications, and is also committed to the adaptation of other professional applications. Lightroom, an adobe application supporting the system, will be launched next month, and Photoshop will be launched next year. Apple said the new MacOS Big Sur will be updated on November 12, us time. < p > < p > after introducing the M1 processor and the official version of the new system, Apple has launched three new Mac products equipped with M1 processor, including MacBook Air, mac mini and MacBook Pro, and introduced their obvious performance improvements. < / P > < p > the MacBook Air is the first MAC with an apple M1 processor. After using Apple’s self-developed chip, the CPU speed of the new MacBook Air is 3.5 times higher than that of the previous generation, the graphics processing speed is increased by 5 times, and the reading speed of SSD SSD is also increased by 2 times. The new MacBook Air is three times faster than its best-selling windows laptop and 98% faster than last year’s windows laptop, according to apple. At the same time, in terms of service life, it can support up to 15 hours of online browsing and 18 hours of continuous video playback. It can be said that the performance has been significantly improved while taking into account the lightness. The starting price is $999. < / P > < p > the performance of the new Mac Mini is also greatly improved, which is three times of that of the previous Mac Mini products with four core Intel chips, and the graphics performance is six times that of the previous generation. The new Mac Mini can choose up to 16GB of memory and 2TB of SSD storage space, which can improve energy efficiency by 60%. Compared with the previous generation, the price is reduced by $100, starting at $699. < p > < p > the new 13 inch MacBook Pro, the star product of Apple’s notebook, also features M1 processor and built-in fan, which is better than the new MacBook Air and mac mini in terms of performance. According to apple, the performance of the new MacBook Pro is 2.8 times better than the previous generation, three times faster than the best-selling notebook of the same type of windows system, and the graphics processing performance is improved by five times. It can play 8K resolution video without losing frames. In terms of service life, the new generation of MacBook Pro can continuously browse the web for 17 hours and play video for 20 hours continuously. On the price side, the new 13 inch MacBook Pro starts at $1299. < / P > < p > after the press conference, the three new products were quickly put on the apple China official website, with two versions to choose from, but the selling time has not been determined. The price of the new MacBook Air is 7999 yuan and 9799 yuan, and each customer is limited to two sets; the new Mac Mini is priced at 5299 yuan and 6799 yuan, with a limit of 6 units per customer, which is more friendly than the eight generation Intel i5 version of 8299 yuan. < / P > < p > the new 13 inch MacBook Pro is priced at 9999 yuan and 11499 yuan, and is limited to two units per customer. It is worth mentioning that the 13 inch MacBook Pro with 10 generations of Intel Core i5 quad core chips is still on sale, and the prices of the two versions are 14499 yuan and 15999 yuan respectively. It can be seen that the new MacBook Pro with apple M1 chip has obvious advantages in price. < / P > < p > these three MAC products equipped with Apple’s self-developed chips are the first time Apple has used self-developed processors on PCs in 36 years, which means that Apple’s PC has begun to transition from Intel chips to self-developed ones. Before that, Mac was the only major product that didn’t run on Apple’s own processor. IPhone, iPad, apple watch and Apple TV have all been running on Apple’s self-developed chips. Especially in the field of mobile phones, Apple has mastered almost all the key links of core technologies. In addition, with the software ecology, Apple has built a moat. < / P > < p > when the global computer industry is growing slowly and becoming a “sunset industry”, apple, which accounts for less than 10% of the global PC share, is still sparing no effort to build a technological ecology, which seems to indicate its intention to build a moat similar to mobile phones in the PC field. As early as June this year at wwdc20, Apple announced its plan to develop self-developed chips for Apple silicon. At the time, apple said the transition would take about two years to complete. < / P > < p > for apple, turning to self-study will undoubtedly have complete independent control over the time to improve the performance and function of MAC products. Apple and Intel also had a honeymoon after the contract was signed 15 years ago, but Intel’s toothpaste squeezing progress in recent years has obviously slowed down the product planning and updating of MAC. < / P > < p > for apple, which wants to form a complete closed loop in the PC field, it may be difficult to accommodate Intel in the future. Although apple still has PCs with Intel chips on sale, the new Mac released this time has obvious advantages in price and may become the mainstream of Apple’s PC products in the future. Some insiders even think that Apple will introduce cheaper entry-level devices. Whether Apple can make a greater breakthrough and break the existing PC market pattern is worthy of attention. 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