According to reports, apple and Epic Games recently told the judge in charge of the antitrust dispute between the two sides that they did not want the case to be tried before a jury, and that they wanted the judge to rule on their own. Game developer Epic Games and iPhone maker Apple recently filed a joint statement with Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, district court judge in Oakland, California. In his hearing on Monday, judge Rogers suggested that a jury trial might be more appropriate, because the jury’s verdict is unlikely to be overturned in an appeal, and because the jury trial can better examine the two companies’ arguments in front of the general public whether there is an illegal monopoly in Apple’s app store operations. < / P > < p > Epic Games is the developer of the popular game fortress night. Apple has violated antitrust laws by forcing developers to provide mobile apps only through Apple’s app store and preventing users from paying developers directly for in app purchases, the company said. < / P > < p > on the contrary, gamers must use Apple’s payment system for in app purchases, and Apple will charge a 30% Apple tax on the purchase price. Apple has argued that there is no illegal monopoly, because the fortress night game is also accessible on many other platforms, and Apple’s control over which apps can be accessed on the iPhone iPad is also designed to protect the device. < / P > < p > previously, Epic Games added a “patch” to the update of the fortress night game to allow users to bypass Apple’s payment function. After Apple discovered it, it removed the developer from the app store. The judge is considering whether to force apple to re launch fortress night with epic’s direct payment option in the app store. Global Tech